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Dr. Andrea Di Piazza

2011 – Ongoing:  PhD student in Environmental and Resource Geology, Roma Tre University.
Thesis: " The evolution of Turrialba volcano plumbing  system" Tutor: Dr Claudia Romano; Prof. Franco Barberi. Co-Tutor: Dr Gianfilippo De Astis.
M.Sc. in Geological Sciences at Università di Roma Tre.
Thesis on “The evolution of La Fossa volcano magmatic system” Tutor: Prof. Franco Barberi;  Co-Tutor: Dr. Claudia Romano.
2008: Degree in Geological Sciences at Palermo University
Thesis: "Stratigraphical and petrological study of Khamma-Gadir transect,  Pantelleria Island (Sicily Channel Rift Zone)" Tutors: Prof. Silvio Rotolo; Co-tutor: Dr. Sonia La Felice

Research activities (Volcanology, Petrography, Geochemistry, Mineralogy):

Geochemistry, Petrography, Experimental Volcanology.

Geochemistry – whole rock (major and trace elements, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes), fluid inclusions (noble gas geochemistry – He, Ne, Ar, Xe), fluids (chemical and isotopic  composition of gas and fumaroles, CO  2 flux degassing from the soil and soil T prospections). Petrography (polarized microscopy, FE-SEM, EMPA). Experimental Volcanology (textural analysis of bubble –BSD- and crystals –CSD-; Rheological  measurements: uniaxial press, concentric cylinder rheometer, micropenetration, differential scanning calorimeter).

Peer reviewed publications:
Carapezza L., F. M. Ranaldi, T. Ricci, L. Tarchini, J. Barrancos, C. Fischer, N. Perez, K. Weber, A. Di Piazza, A. Gattuso (2011). Diffuse CO 2  soil degassing and CO 2 and H  2S air concentration and related hazard at (Aeolian arc, Italy).  Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2011.06.010.

Posters and abstracts:
- Ricci T., Barberi F., Carapezza M.L., Di Piazza A., Gattuso A., Martinez M., Ranaldi M., Sortino F. (2011) -  Extended fluid geochemistry investigations at Turrialba  volcano, Costa Rica.  Presented at Geoitalia 2011, Torino (Italy), 19-23 Sett.
- Di Piazza A., Romano, C., De Astis, G., Soto, G.J., Vona A. (2012) – Textural studies and petrological constraints on the 1864-66 basaltic activity and 1.9 ka sub-plinian  eruption of the Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica Central Cordillera.  Presented at II^ Conferenza Rittman, Nicolosi (CT, Italy), 9-13 Dec.
- Di Piazza A., Romano C., De Astis G., Vona A. & Soto G.J. (2013). Petrological and Textural Constraints on Explosive Activity of the Last 2ka of Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica).  Mineralogical Magazine, 77(5) 993. Abstract
- Vona A., Di Piazza A., Nicotra E., Romano C. & Viccaro M. (2013). High temperature Rheology of a Megacryst-Bearing Mugearitic Magma from Etna (Italy). Mineralogical  Magazine, 77(5) 2427. Abstract
- Rizzo A., Barberi F., Carapezza M.L., Francalanci L., D’Alessandro W., Di Piazza A. & Sortino F. (2013). Noble Gases Geochemistry of Magma Degassing at Santorini (Greece): Inferences on 2011-2012 Unrest.  Mineralogical Magazine, 77(5) 2067. Abstract
- Di Piazza A., Barberi F., Carapezza M.L., Rizzo A.L., Romano C., De Astis G. (2013). Magma feeding 2011 unrest at Turrialba volcano: insights from noble gas geochemistry. V31B-2709 presented at 2013 Fall Meeting,  AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 9-13 Dec. Abstract
- Rizzo A.L., Barberi F., Carapezza M.L., Di Piazza A., Francalanci L., Sortino F., D’Alessandro W. (2013). The intrusion of new magma triggered the 2011-2012 unrest at Santorini: evidences from noble gas  isotopes. V31B-2710 presented at 2013  Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 9-13 Dec. Abstract

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