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Dr Ines Tescione

2014 – ongoing: PhD student in Environmental and Resource Geology, Roma Tre University.
Thesis: "Identification of wine traceability parameters of red wines through Raman spectroscopy and isotope geochemistry".  Tutor: Prof. Massimo Mattei. Co-Tutor: Prof. Claudia  Romano.
2012 – M.Sc. in Geological Sciences at Università di Roma Tre.
Thesis: "Numerical modelling of Torre Alfina geothermal system". Tutor: Prof. Guido Giordano; Co-Tutor: Dott. Micol Todesco.

Research activities (Geochemistry):

Topics: Geochemistry, Food Analysis and Security.

Geochemistry – solutions (Sr – isotopes, Raman Spectroscopy).

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