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Dr. Massimo Ranaldi

2011 – Researcher in Volcanology and Geothermics, Dept. Sciences - Roma Tre University.
2009 – PhD in Geodynamics, Dept. Geological Sciences - Roma Tre University.
Thesis: "Gas emission studies in geothermal and volcanic areas: structural geothermal and hazard implication
.".Tutor: Prof. Franco Barberi.
2003 – Master Degree in Geological Sciences, Roma Tre University
Thesis: "The geothermal system Latera". Tutor: Prof. Franco Barberi.

Research activities (Geothermics, Geochemistry, Volcanology):

Topics: Geothermal exploration, fluid geochemistry, Volcano monitoring, Hazard assessment, Risk mitigation,
CO 2, H 2S, He, H 2, CH 4  soil flux measurements and indoor and outdoor gas concentration measurements with both portable and automatic continuous instruments (Infra-Red, electrochemical, Tunable Diode Laser, miniDOAS, Micro GC); in-soil gas concentration  measurements; water  physic-chemical measurements with multi-parametric probes; sampling of fumaroles, springs, underground and deep lake water; statistical and geostatistical geochemical data treatment; geochemical data mapping (Golden Software ©   Surfer ® - MapViewer ®; ArcGIS TM  ArcMap ®10).

Researches on some active, quiescent and extinct volcanoes of Italy, Europe and Central America, collaborating with various research organizations and institutes.

For his Ph.D. thesis he performs applied geochemical researches on high to low enthalpy Geothermal systems, aiming to the chemical-physical characterization of reservoirs, to  the  assessment of optimal survey methods on productive reservoirs, and to gas and water geothermobarometry.
Member of the Research Group "Geotermia" established in 20/11/2005. Collaborates in the "Geotermia Roma" project, performing CO 2 soil flux surveys, sampling and measurements on well  water, geoelectrical profiles for stratigraphical, thermal and hydrogeological  purposes, aiming to estimate Roma Municipality geothermal potential.

Studies in some geothermal areas of Italy (Mt. Amiata; Sabatini Mts.; Vulsini Mts.; Alban Hills volcano) and of foreign countries (mission of geothermal exploration funded by  Electricidad  de Cortes S.r.l. ELCOSA, in the areas of Platanares and Azacualpa, Honduras. Mission of geothermal exploration funded by Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, ICE, in the areas of Miravalles and Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica), aimed  at assessing  the preferential sites for geothermal well drilling.
Studies in active volcanic areas for continuous monitoring geochemical during crisis periods (Stromboli island and Tuttialba volcanoes (Costa Rica)

They include courses at Bachelor and Master degree level in Geological Sciences (Geologia I, Laboratorio di Geologia, Geotermia), and seminars in Volcanologic and Geothermal  topics for Primary, Secondary and Master Schools. Served as supervisor  and co-tutor for several Master degree Theses in Geological Sciences.
Participates in the realization of the exhibition on Geothermal "This world hot hot hot" in the seventh edition of the Festival of Science in Genoa. In particular, contributed to the preparation of the scientific content of the show, he worked on the   exhibition brochure, to popularizing science and the scientific training of youth leaders during the course of the exhibition, which was revived ESOF 2010 in Turin.

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Carapezza M. L., Ricci T., Barberi F., Ranaldi M., Tarchini L., (2010) Hazardous gas blowouts from shallow wells in the Colli Albani volcanic complex (Rome, Italy). Water Rock Interaction 13 proc.,  Bullen and Wang eds., Rotterdam, Balkema. Accepted.   

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F. Barberi, M.L. Carapezza., R. Cioni, M. Lelli, M. Menechini, M. Ranaldi, T. Ricci, L. Tarchini. New investigations in Platanares and Azacualpa geothermal sites (honduras).  Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 257 (2013) 113–134

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